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Doctor Hobo
13 July 2016 @ 08:36 pm

My friends fucking flaked out on me, abandoned me in the middle of the city in a seedy area when it was like minus a billion degrees and when I was finally able to contact them I was given the worst possible excuses. They had left the place ten minutes before I called, there were about maybe 13 of them present and I was waiting at the only exit which means it's almost impossible not a single one saw me - yet apparently no one did. (it was a tight alleyway with only one direction to exit, I was like one of four people standing there)
They had already somehow ended up somewhere else miles away by the time I had called and when I heard that it just set me off and I've been in such a shit mood ever since.
I just need someone to talk to so fucking much but I feel as though all my options have been exhausted. No one will talk, trying to get any help from Charlie is like talking to a goddamn brick wall and Alex has both a job and his girlfriend is back so I feel as though I'm bothering him if I'm constantly going to him with my problems but literally no one else will talk to me. He was the only one to have any decency to come down and try and talk it out but even then he attributed it all to miscommunication, miscommunication didn't call call me an inconvenience among other things because you were meant to call ages ago and never did.

(i was going to be late to the event, so i asked people on the event page to call when they moved and asked one particular person to do the same. when i called him out on it after actually calling he said that his phone was on silent like fuck dude your phone being on silent doesn't prevent YOU from CALLING ME. he then went on to say that calling me an inconvenience seemed more apt then just admitting they hadn't found a bar to go to yet when Alex came to get me he pretty much said they had already found a place ages ago. I'm not angry at the people who didn't really have much say in what went down, I'm angry at people like Tom and Robyn who knew full well and Natalie because I'm fairly fucking certain even if she didn't outright say anything her being there is what influenced me in being treated in such a shit way)

Current Mood: morosemorose
Doctor Hobo
15 December 2011 @ 09:32 pm
someone will like or comment on the 'tight pants' video by 12'o clock tonight.